Who is Jennifer Ashley?





Hey hey hey!

I am Jennifer Ashley.

First off, I am so grateful that you discovered me. Whether you were referred by a friend who has experienced my coaching, or it was simply fate that brought us together, welcome to my world of creativity and self-discovery!

So who am I exactly? Many years went by before I was ever able to fully answer that life altering question. I could say woman, sister, daughter, friend, sushi fiend, or 80’s baby. But all of those terms are how other people view me, that’s not WHO I am. So after years of exploration of my true self and uncovering my own deep-seeded passions, I discovered that I am a Life Consciousness Guide. Now, what the heck does that mean? Well, I wake you up to who you really are. I guide you to re-connect with your essence and peel back the layers that have concealed your true self for far too long! I do One-on-One Coaching and I teach an 8 week Self Mastery course called the Creative Insight Journey. I am the mad woman behind this Igniting your Inner Flame Movement you see before you, but I am not the only piece of the puzzle. None of this could be possible without the love, support, and brilliance of my innovative creativity & design team, or as I like to refer them as the Flame Igniters. What my team and I offer you is an opportunity to manifest your dreams and make your desires a reality. If you are not satisfied with your current level of happiness, if you aim to be bolder, more confident in your own abilities, more mindful, and more passionate about what this beautiful life has to offer you, I urge you to connect with me. The world desperately needs you to release your essence, let me guide you along the journey.

Thank you for your genuine presence, I look forward to connecting with you.

Love & Light,

Jennifer Ashley