Dearest Love,

I ache for you.

To feel you, to see you, for your hand to extend out and touch my depths.

My soul aches to be enveloped in your embrace.

I need your touch like I need the air in my lungs.

I wonder if your heart yearns for me. I wonder if I'm mad, mad with lust. 

Do you feel me in the air? Do you see me in the skies?

I find comfort in knowing you're here, always.


I've never hungered for another quite like this. The thirst that can only be quenched by your whisper.

In my ear, your words taste like nectar.

A wild burst with each breath you share.

Just your presence alone pierces the deepest part of me.

Raw, Exposed, Vulnerable, wide open...for you.

You alone know me. You alone see me, only you.

I want to chase the stars with you.

Soaring...on fire....with you.

It's hard for me to look at myself without seeing you.

The sweet honey on my lips, I taste you.

The aching in my center pines for you.

Oh the sweetest pain.

Rushing waves pulsate my core at the very thought.


You speak to my Goddess.

She dances at the sound of your name.

Pure. Wild. Release.

Let it wash over me.

Become me as I become you.

Entering my essence, you crack me open.

Bursting with my truth, all of me.


Eternally Yours,




*Photography, Makeup, & Bodypaint by Luci of Face2Face Studios I feel it's been so pulverized and manipulated. .. Having to change so much of our natural self to be something were not.  From pouring chemicals in our scalp to change the color, to sewing in hair that's not ours, to putting molten hot wax on our face and body, to sanding down our nails, to cutting ourselves open and implanting silicon balloons, bleaching and filing our teeth, getting in plastic coffin like boxes to make our skin darker, or bleach our skin to make it's pretty insane when you really think about it. What in our being convinces us to do these things?

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What deep-rooted passion lies within the depths of your heart? What illuminates the embers of your spirit, igniting the flame within? What does your heart whisper to you in the stillness of the night? What enchanting melody does your playful spirit dance to? What longing does your essence so desperately ache for? And what intense craving do you desire that makes your body tremble with complete exhilaration? What elevates you to dimensions others have yet to realize?

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Good morning and good day to all of you glorious creations of the Divine! I hope that your week has started out well, and if it hasn’t I pray that your soul is uplifted today and the rest of your week turns out glorious. Let’s be grateful for the air we breathe, the water we ingest, the rich soil on which we roam this earth, and the fire that ignited within us this morning to open our eyes.


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