Felt More Alive

"It's rare chances in the world that you get put into a situation that gives you a whole new perception to life, both physically and mentally. While embarking on the 8 week journey with the wonderful Jennifer Ashley I felt more alive as a person. I for once felt happy, I applied the tools to my life as much as I could (It's ok to forget sometimes as we are all busy with other things) but the class truly is what you put into it. I decided to open up and use the tools provided to me to figure out my interior/exterior motives and goals for myself. I said I wanted to be healthier, eat healthier, exercise more and I did. I wanted to be happy with my surroundings and I was. I wanted to try to be less negative and less critical of people and learn to accept everyone has a different view on things, so I worked on it. All great things take time of course, but this journey provides you with the essential tools to a happier/healthier state that can ultimately last you a lifetime, if you apply them. :)"

Aspen Brantley

Jen is the Best!

“My love life has taken off, my confidence is through the roof, and I have never been so happy in my life. Jen is the best!”

Trina Johnson

She cares for her students

“Jennifer Ashley is an amazing C.I.J. coach. She is understanding and very knowledgeable on the topics she teaches. I have seen how much she cares for her students and has helped many live more positive and loving lives. I enjoyed taking her 8 week course twice, I would recommend her to anyone.”

Stephanie Zapata

Reconnect with your limitless, self loving, powerful soul

“Jennifer Ashley the person is awesome!!! However, Jennifer Ashley "the brand" is way more. It's an inspirational, life changing movement. Jennifer's eight week class guides you to look inward and find your true essence. She gently and earnestly coaches you through your fearful minefield of doubts, judgements and regrets to reconnect with your limitless, self loving, powerful soul.”

Ajonie Taylor

Literally everyone should take this class!

“Taking Jen's CIJ class was perfect timing. Not only did it help get me through some defining times, it also help me to handle situations better, and positively influence my family. I would recommend Jen's class to anyone.. literally everyone should take this class! I have seen much growth in myself and those that I took the class with. THANK YOU JENNIFER ASHLEY! ”

T.J. Brown

Overcome your hurdles!

“I am so grateful and it has been a blessing to be a part of the Creative Insight Journey!! Jennifer is an inspiration of going after your dreams and not holding back. Through this class I have learned how to believe in myself and really go after what I truly want in my heart. If you are ready to grow and take the next step towards your aspirations I recommend the CIJ class to help you overcome your hurdles! Now is the time to go after your dreams...”

Jennifer Jaikissoon